All-Russian public organization
«Russian Association of linguists-kognitolog»

Russian Association of linguists-kognitolog.

Russian Cognitive Linguists Association
brings together scientists dealing with urgent problems of interaction of language and
thinking in line with modern cognitive-discursive approach.

Created 18 April
More than 40 regional
Conducting research
Publication of scientific


Новые монографии по когнитивной лингвистике

Вышли в свет новые монографии по когнитивной лингвистике: коллективная монография «Интерпретация мира в языке» - научный редактор Н.Н. Болдырев (2017 г.);

Новые монографии по когнитивной лингвистике

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию новые монографии по когнитивной лингвистике: Болдырев Н.Н., Чистякова Е.В.


The President of the Russian public organization "Russian Association linguists kognitolog"
Boldyrev Nikolay Nikolaevich
Doctor of philological Sciences, Professor, Honored scientist of Russia, head of the Network of scientific-educational centre for cognitive studies, editor of the journal "cognitive linguistics”.
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Международный конгресс по когнитивной лингвистике в НИУ БелГУ

Международный конгресс по когнитивной лингвистике в НИУ БелГУ

г. Белгород

20 - 22 сентября 2017 г.


About the organization

The all-Russian public organization "Russian Association of linguists-kognitolog" is a voluntary, self-governing organization created at the initiative of citizens uniting on the basis of common interests for implementation of common purposes specified in the Charter, and operating in more than half of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The organization operates on the basis of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, legislation of the Russian Federation and the present Charter, guided by the principles of voluntariness, self-government, legality and publicity, equality of its members, election and collegiality of all of its governing bodies, their periodic reporting to the members of the Organization, respect for minority opinions.